Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Hey Ladies, I'm sooo excited to show you this polish, I bought it about a week ago and have been desperate to show you this beauty! 
This is part of Gosh's Autumn 2012 collection, I hadn't seen anything about these before I saw them in store but when I did a bit of researching when I got home I did find some press release pictures and stuff but I couldn't find anything about the other new releases which I also got quite a few of too. I think the re-release  of 549 has just stolen all the thunder and the other polishes have kind of been over looked. 
Anyways on to the polish, It's a glitter which gives a foily look and has gorgeous blue, yellow, pink particles (I'm not sure if it's glitter of shimmer or what ! ) It's a gorgeous fall polish and has a subtle but beautiful duochrome to it too, I've read that other people haven't been able to see the duochrome but I could definitely see it and I was oohing and aaahing all day! 
It has a yellowy look in the middle of the nail/bottle and then a purpley colour round the edges ! 
So the swatches below are 3 coats ! Beautiful formula oh just a beautiful polish overall 

So Sparkly ! 


Sigh, this polish has definitely stolen my heart, I haven't seen anything like it, It does however remind me of the new nopi fall polishes which are equally gorgeous ! 
So, you guys have you got this? Will you get it if it you see it? Yess you can't leave this ! 

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  1. Bought this one today :) I had my mind set on one thing " DO NOT BUY ANYMORE NAIL POLISH " then when I saw this... I knew I had to get it and my wonderful plan went down the drain ;)
    Its a LOVELY polish :)
    I haven´t worn it yet but I can´t wait til the day that I get to wear it :)


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