Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Hi guys, this post wasn't meant to be so late ! Sorry we have been crazy busy since Friday, Saturday we went to a family friends house and got home at 2am , then Sunday we went to a different friends house and got home at midnight, and today we had some family friends round ours and we've spend the whole day cooking and cleaning and so I haven't really had time to post ! I was supposed to show you w7 Salt n pepper today but I haven't edited the photo's yet and I'm feeling too tired to do it now! Anyway onto nail stuff now 

I'm rather a fan of framed nails, I like doing them more than wearing them, lol  ; ) So for this I used Dim Sum Plum from Opi and dotted on the frames they aren't as neat as I'd wanted but they look a lot better irl than in the photos :  ) 

I know some people don't like framed nails but what do you guys think about this ? 

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  1. This looks so cool! I love frame nails, and I love the colors that you chose.

  2. Love framed nails, and these are really cute--great colours! :)

  3. I'm not really into frames, but this one is actually quite cute :)

  4. oh gosh! this is beautiful, i love it!


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