Wednesday, 27 April 2011


ok, so today i was in the mood for something dark green, the sun has disappeared and its been really windy and horrible for the past 2 days so i decided to try nails inc. clerkenwell, a dark teal, it looks a little more greeny now, but somehow it didnt do it for me so i decided to add my brand new awesomness in a bottle aka. nubar 2010, and wow!!! 
without further ado here are the piccies 
oh and recently i made a lightbox, it actually turned out alright, so the first few pics are in my new lightbox, its by no means perfect but it does the job i guess

i know you'll have already seen this nail polish done sooooo much lol, but i had to show you, 
i love it when the flakies look green, omg i soooo badly want a green flakie the nfu oh one is gorgeous but i cant get hold of it anywhere, well theres one on ebay for about £25 i think!!!
i love how it changes colour constantly, flashes of pink and gold and red and yellow and green !!!!!!!!!!

sorry theres sooo many picz lol, but i couldn't help it lol Pin It

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