Tuesday, 19 April 2011


hi everybody, 
im really sorry for not posting in such a long time : ( but ive been really busy, ive got exams soon and have been trying to revise lol, so i will have to put my blog on hold for a while, but fortunately not yet !

anyway i just thought i'd share with you my latest haul,
i dont really do hauls, but very occasionally i might be feeling low or they might be cheap lol
ok, so here you are
ok so top row: 
my first misa's, loving the nude one infact i love them all, 
then essie chips no potatoes, 
chanel miami peach, 
an unbelivabley glittery purple - i think its an old misa - violet smoke, 
omg, what can i say about this can't wait to try - nubar 2010
2nd row:
opi - dont know the name but i dont like the colour 
w7 silver crackle
la girl - lovely orangey/coral 

the weather was gorgeous today and i had to show you these

ok so if you want to see swatches of them all or any in particular, let me know in comment box, thanx 

ok i owe you all an apology, in my first post i said i would be posting mostly nail art but i havent,
recently i havent really felt like it, not that i had the time lol

but today i'll show you some of the designs i've done, theyre on false nails , sorry. my nails are too short and am waiting for them to grow. 

ok so i'll show you the glittery ones 
(i recommend you enlarge them, they look amazing, well i think so ; ))

these are all super glittery, and so easy to do, i love them, the non-stripey one takes ages to do though lol

ok, after that its must be time for tea, so is anybody hungry, anyone fancy some strawberry's or how about a cupcake? 
here you go :

 i must admit this strawberry was my favourite for a long time about 2 years ago, i used to have this on alllll the time, at work people use to comment on it lol, it has now been updated lol, when i wear this ill show what it looks like on my hands. its really common now loads of people have done this but this was one of my first nail designs !

 oh god you can see the rubbish brush strokes on this one . .

ok, now theres some people who want to meet you ... 
fellow blogger please allow me to introduce to you the smiley family, lol how lame is that name lol,
please, let me know what this family should be called 

 this one, lol !!!! i dont know what was going on in my head at the time lol !!

we might be going to the seaside tomorrow, still not sure yet, but anyway this led me to dig up this design i did a while ago

you likey? 

 do you like the sponging? and lol dont ask what the person is supposed to be doing lol, its a bit rough actually

oh and this is another one i thought id show you, it reminds me of mahattan lol

wow, that was a long post lol, well let me know what you think, i read every comment and love to know what you think 

take care my lovelies and hope to post again very soon 

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  1. The rainbow nail art is awesome! Now if I could just do that on my own nails....


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