Friday, 1 April 2011


helllooo everyone, how r you all?
so i dont have much time so ill just get straight to business
well let me share my frustration first,  put this colour on a few days ago because last weekend and monday and tuesday the weather was gorgeous and soooo sunny so to get into the summery mood i decided to put on a holo.

the hunt:

i must admit i only discovered holo nail polishes a few months ago, shocking i know, so unfortunatley i missed out on the gosh holographic and the china glaze omg collection, and becuase they arent available anymore people are charging ridiculous prices on ebay, and im not paying £11 for a nail polish which i could have got for half the price. so i went on a hunt for some good holo nail polishes which were cheaper, i found some gorgeous ones eg. catherine arley holos, they are stunning, however they dont ship to the uk : (
eventually my search led me to color club - i was so excited and i saw them on ebay for about £4 each and i decided to get 4 colours, so the shipping should have been combined, so you can imagine how annoyed i was when i saw that the woman had charged my $22 for shipping !!!!!! i know, ridiculous right, and i had no choice but to pay it and if im perfectly honest they weren't worth the money

ok lol so thats the end of the story i am sorry its so long, i have been diagnosed with excessive waffling syndrome : p lol

here are the picccieess


the sun did come out for a little while and so i managed to get a few photos, some of pics have turned out ok but i cant really capture the complete holoness, 

this is the most holographic nail polish out of the 4 and application is lovely, i must say color club nail polishes have a really good formula, this is 2 coats but you didn't need 2 coats

what do you think?
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  1. Love the effect of this polish!
    Ps. I did buy my Gemstone overcoat online (from Superdrug) Xx


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