Monday, 1 April 2013


Hi guys, are you ready to go back to work tomorrow? I'm work evening shifts so I'm going polish shopping tomorrow morning to cheer myself up, hehe :)

Anywho onto nail business, I've finally given the one stroke technique a go; way back in January when I should have been revising I ended up spending  half a day (and a night) procrastinating by watching loads of one stroke videos on youtube and I was completely fascinated ! I couldn't wait to try it out and was sure it would be the first thing I tried out after I'd finished my exams, well funny how the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry right? 
Well anyways I finally gave this technique a go a couple of weeks ago and today I'll show you my first try.  
It's not prefect, in fact it's far from it but the colours seem to work together which is why I think I've got away with it here!

There's obviously room for improvement, but I'm quite pleased with this! What do you guys think and have you tried this technique out?

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  1. oh these are gorgeous! they remind me of cute little Hawaiian flowers!

  2. The colours absolutely work--these are so pretty!! =)

  3. For first try this is really amazing!

  4. I adore these! Could you link up to some of the more helpful one stroke mani videos you watched? I'd love to give this a try. :)

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  6. So amazing for your first try! Beautiful!

  7. Can you tell us more about this? I'd love to find out more details.

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