Saturday, 2 March 2013


I told you guys I had a glequin obsession well this mani is only the beginning! This is my first time using the holographic glequins in the big pot, I found these glitter pieces to be smaller than the ones in this set so each nail takes a little bit longer to do, but I only did the accent nail so it didn't really make much difference to me! 

So for these nails I painted on 2 coats of Kiko 341 which is a lovely teal colour with a perfect formula (I love love love Kiko nail polishes and need a lot more, their cremes are the best) I then applied the glequins in a honeycomb pattern on my accent nail !

Ok, so that's it and I'll see you guys again soon, enjoy your weekend !
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  1. Love this mani!! Just gorgeous and I love Kiko 341. It's so my color :)

  2. Wow you took time to place the glequins on the nail. I always manage to accidentally make a mistake. It's still a nice mani. I'm kicking myself for not buying some kiko polishes to try out when they were £1.50. Damn!


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